30 of the coolest DIY temporary tattoo ideas on Pinterest

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision because let’s face it, this thing is on you for life! But temporary tattoos? They look drunk, they rub off in the shower, and there are no needles involved. Always a plus! Would you like to join us in preparing Coachella? Here are 30 of the coolest DIY temporary tattoo ideas on Pinterest. We swear they are nothing like the sticky dolphins from your childhood.

Imagine this, it’s festival season, you are around midday, your locks look tastefully unwashed and you are wearing an acceptable amount of flowers but the rest of you look a little boring. Don’t go whipping your ticket just yet, we’ve got you covered.

From gorgeous bows and arrows to layered bracelets and bohemian feathers, if these temporary tattoos don’t excite you to dance on the shoulders of a stranger, we don’t know what will.

Check out 30 of the coolest DIY temporary tattoo ideas!

If this little bundle doesn’t make you want to apply shimmering temporary tattoos to your summer skin, we don’t know what will!

Want the stunning look for yourself? Try Seekers of the Sun for that summery style statement!

Beautiful temporary tattoos

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30 of the coolest DIY temporary tattoo ideas on Pinterest

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