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Remember how last summer literally everyone and their mom had a leopard print midi skirt? This is how I feel about tattoos (especially small tattoos). I mean, if you don’t have one, are you even a millennial? And if you’re looking for a tattoo, there really has never been a better time to find a tattoo artist whose style and aesthetic perfectly matches yours. You can discover top tattoo artists and find dope design inspirations just by scrolling Insta. So whether you’re considering getting a tattoo for the first time, looking to get another one, or just love browsing for cool tattoos, you’ll want to follow these 27 tattoo artists. Like now.

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This red ink tattoo artist

While Ghinkos is known for more than her red ink tattoos, the brightly colored pieces definitely stand out in her wallet. Her custom designed thin line tattoos are true works of art and something you’ll want to show off on your IG and IRL.


This script tattoo artist

Joanna’s script tattoos are small but mighty – her precise hand transforms even the simplest words into catchy phrases that will turn heads.


This abstract tattoo artist

Responsible for some of Ariana Grande’s most iconic tattoos, Mira (aka @GirlKnewYork) has a abstract approach to tattoo design totally unique from others. His creations often feature women and celebrate the beauty of the female form.


This complex tattoo artist

Tiny screenplay and intricate portraits – Brittany Randell has it all perfected. Most of his work focuses on people, nature and animals or even a combination of these things, like the drawing shown here.


This realistic tattoo artist

When it comes to realistic tattoos, this artist is on a whole new level. Follow Pony Wave for stunning eye designs, like the one shown here, or floral tattoos that will have you saying out loud, “Wait, isn’t that a real rose?”


This geometric tattoo artist

Known for her henna and mehndi inspired tattoo work, Kandace is a pro of geometric designs. Expect to find examples of the Atlanta-based artist’s sharp skills on her feed, much like the mandala artwork featured here.


This watercolor tattoo artist

No, it’s not body paint. Tattoo artist Sasha has has perfected the art of watercolor graphic tattooingthat’s why she already has nearly 800,000 subscribers.


This detailed tattoo artist

Keith, or Bang Bang as he is better known, is a popular tattoo artist based in New York. You may have seen the tattoos he did for Rihanna, but he is also a go-to artist for many other celebrities for his incredible attention to detail and realistic designs.


This “Tiny Tat” tattoo artist

JonBoy is another famous tattoo artist whose the business card is his designs so tiny you might miss them, like this nail tattoo. Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid to Sofia Richie has gotten JonBoy’s signature little tattoo. But whether or not you dive in, you’ll love following her account for her mini designs, stunningly gorgeous handwriting, and iconic black-and-white aesthetic.


This delicate tattoo artist

Gabby’s Instagram feed features plenty of ribcage tattoos, like this seaside sunset pictured here. His delicate and whimsical designs are everything from nature to abstract line art to sentimental quotes.


This floral tattoo artist

Jess’ Instagram page is filled with plenty of minimal tattoos, but she’s also kknown for her sketch-y floral designs like this one. But don’t sleep on its little emoji-like designs, which are also extremely adorable.


This keen tattoo artist

Stephanie Brown of @FeralCatBox is based in Chicago and creates tattoos that look like legit paintings. Various flora and fauna designs are often featured on her page, not to mention customers with intricate realistic tattoos based on all things nature.


This black and white tattoo artist

This Barcelona artist specializes in very intricate black and white tattoos with lots of contrast. His designs usually feature moths, flowers, birds, and also skulls for good measure.


This tattoo artist inspired by art

If you are a fan of Impressionist-style paintings (think Van Gogh Starry Night), Wachob is definitely an artist to follow. She makes tattoos look like colored brush strokes, like the one pictured here, but it also creates abstract eyes and other shapes and more realistic patterns.


This hand tattoo artist

If you are interested in hand tattoos (aka stick and poke), you’ll want to follow Lara’s account ASAP. This artist typically uses black ink but definitely has colors blended in for a soft wash of pigment.


This nature-inspired tattoo artist

by Rita realistic tattoos are inspired by real plants chosen by its customers. She makes her “living leaf tattoos” by using ink to first dab the outline of plants onto the skin for the finest detail, then permanent ink to create those exact replicas.


This fine line tattoo artist

Brian Woo, better known as Dr Woo, is based in Los Angeles and known for his intricate designs, usually created with very fine lines, like these tiny leaves on Zoë Kravitz. Her other celebrity clients include Drake, Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus.


This bold tattoo artist

Lisa Orth creates it intricate designs with bold black lines. His work regularly features scenic landscapes or other nature-themed designs, such as the flowers shown here.


This delicate tattoo artist

If you are an animal lover and would be willing to have a photo of them permanently inked on your skin, this account is for you. This Korean tattoo studio specializes in delicate designs and has animals of all kinds: dogs, cats, jellyfish, birds – you name it, they got it.


This UV light tattoo artist

These cute tattoos may look like they were created with your standard tattoo ink, but bring in the UV light and you’ll see they’re anything but standard. This artist often creates minimal designs of constellations and flowers on clients, but also does beautiful line art.


This minimalist tattoo artist

Curt is known for his minimal but powerful (and sometimes risky) designs he creates with bold line drawings. His tattoos often focus on body silhouettes or other outlines in black ink and sometimes red.


This tattoo artist who uses a stippling technique

Tamara’s geometric tattoos often feel like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope, thanks to their perfect symmetry and overlapping designs. She specializes in a stippling technique, in which ink is applied in small dots for a gradient effect.


This detailed shading tattoo artist

Mr.K has mastered the difficult balance between small, faint tattoos and intricate detailsthat’s why his clients, including Brooklyn Beckham, Rita Ora, Joe Jonas and Liam Hemsworth, visit him for their ink.


This eccentric tattoo artist

Just like the celebrities she tattoos (Miley Cyrus, Post Malone and Katy Perry), Lauren’s aesthetic is quirky and not too serious. If you’re looking for a fun tattoo dedicated to your Disney and Nickelodeon favorites, you’ll definitely want her to be your new go-to artist.


This lively and graphic tattoo artist

Lumpini is known for her vibrant masterpieces saturated with vivid colors. Originally from Sweden, his basic knowledge of painting and graphic design definitely translates into his tattoos.


This multicultural interest in tattooing

Krissy’s designs are super personal. They refer to Egyptian, Indian, Thai and African images, so if you want a beautiful tattoo that resonates deeply with your cultureshe is your person.

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