22 behind-the-ear tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink


Rejoice! Our beloved tattoo studios have reopened and we are once again working to reserve our long awaited ink. Lots of months have been spent scrolling through tattoo inspiration, and there’s one particular placement we’ve seen all over our feeds: behind-the-ear tattoos.

With Zoë Kravitz and Ariana Grande opting for delicate tattoos behind the ears, it’s clear that the popularity of this placement is on the rise. “I love that they are so subtle, and the people who have them love that they aren’t visible right away,” says Gee Hawkes, Top Boy Tattoo artist. “For people with long hair, I have often told them that they love the ability to hide the tattoo by wearing their hair down and showing it off with their hair up.”

Do tattoos behind the ear hurt?

If you don’t have the highest pain threshold (we’re not judging), behind-the-ear tattoos can also be a practical choice. “Customers who have had parts in this area have said the pain is minimal,” says Hawkes. “A lot of people have told me that it’s actually the sound of the machine, the slight vibrations, or the way they sit that can make it uncomfortable.”

What should I get tattooed behind my ear?

When deciding on your design, it is important to take the size of the room into consideration. Too much detail can sometimes get lost in a smaller design and always check the type of artwork the artist specializes in (this can range from blackwork to realism) before booking. “Behind the ear cups, the costume is quite small because it’s such a small area to work on,” Hawkes advises.

“However, there is no such thing as the ‘right’ size, I’ve seen some amazing behind-the-ear pieces that start from around the neck or the side of the head, it just depends on your personal preference.”

What follow-up is needed behind tattoos?

So you’ve already had your tattoo and the hardest part is getting rid of it, right? Not so. Aftercare is very important with any tattoo to ensure the longevity of the piece and to avoid infection, but special attention should be given to tattoos behind the ears for several reasons, as Hawkes explains; “For this area, as with any tattoo, the main thing is to keep it clean! Make sure to wash all shampoos and conditioners thoroughly after washing your hair.

“Also watch for product build-up from things like dry shampoo or perfume that may stay in this area. Another thing I would probably avoid is wearing earrings that touch the back of the ear / neck – jewelry can have a lot of germs in it and you don’t want to transfer it to the new tattoo.

Suddenly bare skin? Read on for our edition of super cute behind-the-ear tattoos to inspire your next ink …


Do not forget me

“I always like a floral piece, on any part of the body,” says Hawkes. “Flowers can be designed to suit almost any area. “


Wild horses

Wear your horse girl identity with pride with this intricate design.


See red

Make your design stand out by opting for red ink.


Botanical beauty

Get inspired by the foliage in your garden with this cute design.


Heavenly lines

Blink and you’ll miss this tiny shooting star.


Stencil script

Nobody puts baby in a corner … but behind the ear will do.


Angel delight

What better way to let everyone know that you have been heaven-sent?


Upcoming Roses

Fine lines for an elegant and simplistic rose.


Marguerite Love

Our favorite native flower encapsulated in a heart with a splash of color makes for a super realistic design.


Scorpion rising

Maybe not for the faint of heart, but the detail is incredible.



The more subtle version of getting your SO’s name tattooed.


Butterfly Effect

For those lovers of our winged friend.


Say my name

Live your truth with ultra delicate authentic inking.



Why stop saving bees when you can have one for life.


Little bird

How cute is this delicate bird tattoo?


Seen but not heard

Tell us you love music without telling us you love music.


Script Flower

We love the way the flower fits into this curved script.


Wild for flowers

The most delicate baby’s breath for a barely visible design.


Double indicator

What could be better than a butterfly? Two, of course.


Olive wreath

Clean lines are the key to a complex design.

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