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Mithra, Barber DTS, Precision Body Arts LLC – The Host

Advance Market Analytics has released a new research publication on “Tattoo Tracking Products Market Overview, to 2026”With 232 pages and enriched with self-explanatory tables and graphs in a presentable format. In the study, you will find new trends, drivers, restraints and evolving opportunities generated by targeting market players. The growth of the tattoo care products […]

Temporary Tattoos, TM International, Grifoll, Tattly, Tinsley Transfers, SafetyTat LLC, Game Faces, Conscious Ink, TattooFun Inc, Inkbox, Savon et eau, Fake Tattoos SE, SketchOn (Prinker), Tattify LLC, – The Host

Thorough primary and secondary research on the Temporary Tattoo market involves a wide range of information effectively defining each aspect that is crucial for business workflow and industry growth and development. The report comprises a review of broad growth drivers and derivatives as well as aspects representing market metrics including market size, share and volume, […]

The ten best tattoo shops in Miami

It seems like art is everywhere in Miami these days: galleries, hotels and condos, parks and street corners. But long before the Basel boom caused an explosion of galleries in the city, the inhabitants adorned themselves with a different artistic genre: body art. Today, Miami’s tattoo scene is bustling, in part by tourists who want […]

Why is Kat Von D closing her tattoo parlor?

Kat Von D is closing her iconic Hollywood tattoo store and relocating to Indiana for good. On Tuesday, October 26, the tattoo artist-turned-musician revealed she was closing her “beloved” High Voltage tattoo store in Los Angeles. Ink fans will recall the shop featured on the TLC show for seven seasons starting in 2007, after Von […]

Temporary Tattoo Market 2021 Global Regional Outlook – Temporary Tattoos, Conscious Ink, Tattly, TM International – IMIESA

Most recent research study Global Temporary Tattoo Market of includes in-depth analysis of the industry and key market trends, along with historical and projected market data. The observatory projects revenue for the temporary tattoos market from 2021 to 2027, with 2020 being the base year and 2027 the projection year. The registration divides the […]

Tattoo artist set on fire during “gas leak” from tattoo on buttocks

Getting a tattoo touch up should be as easy as 1,2,3, but things have taken a dramatic turn for this plus size British model. What she thought was a simple touch-up to her vintage butt tattoo, ended with a visit to her and the tattoo artist in the emergency room after a “gaseous” incident. ALSO […]

Chest Tattoos to Cover Mastectomy Scars | Lifestyles

Tattoo– Some breast cancer survivors choose to cover mastectomy scars with a tattoo on the chest. The Bohemian Tattoo Club had several clients who were looking for a chest or nipple tattoo to cover their scars. Breast cancer comes with many challenges, but the one that can be often overlooked is the problem of self-esteem […]

Ephemeral temporary tattoos are great for millennials

Photo: Courtesy of Ephemeral I don’t have a tattoo myself, but I’ve always envied those who do. Obviously you look cool and sexy, but that speaks to your character as well. Imagine having that kind of commitment to permanence, to an aesthetic. He seems both reckless and resolute. Turns out I’m not the only one […]

Mad Rabbit Pitch Deck Raised $ 2 Million For Tattoo-Aftercare Brand

Mad Rabbit is a tattoo aftercare brand that raised $ 2 million in seed funding this summer. Friends Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor founded the company in 2019 while attending the University of Miami. They shared the Mad Rabbit pitch deck and explained how they organized the presentation. See more stories on the Insider business […]