Monthly Archives: February 2021

Photographer sues Kat Von D over tattoo of her 30-year-old photo

We have seen different types of copyright infringement lawsuits, and here is a very unusual one. Photographer Jeff Sedlik filed a complaint against the famous tattoo artist Kat von D who used his photo of Miles Davis for a tattoo. The photographer is claiming $ 150,000 in legal damages plus all profits made by depicting […]

New shop in downtown Meriden offers tattoos and other artwork

MERIDEN – Colin Hinchliff sees wearable and display art as a way to bring people together and get back downtown. “It’s a tattoo shop but it’s mainly to keep the lights on,” Hinchliff said. “What I really want to do is have a collective art gallery.” Hinchliff, a longtime resident of the town, worked as […]

Post-tattoo care: 6 essential steps according to a tattoo artist

If we’re going to be committed to having something permanent and meaningful embedded in our skin, we want to know that it will look as fresh ten years from now as it did the day we took the plunge. Stained lines and discoloration are not the look that we dig, so it is important that […]