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43 gorgeous tattoos and flower designs you need in 2021

If you love your ink with a symbolic side and a hidden meaning, flower tattoos are the way to go. Flowers of all kinds tend to be a popular choice across the country, especially for first-time customers. They can easily be reduced to the delicate sizes that have been trending on Instagram in recent years. […]

50 supreme sneaker tattoos – tattoo ideas, artists and models

Sneakers, where to start? It’s more than just a pair of functional shoes, it’s a cultural movement that brings in billions of dollars every year. Sneakers became fashionable in the 1970s and at the time they were called tennis after the waterline on the hull of a ship. They were immediately used as sports shoes […]

21 tiny ear tattoos for minimalists – tiny ear tattoo ideas

While the thought of having a tattoo needle digging into the fragile skin of your ear might seem scary and painful, ear tattoos can be beautiful and delicate. (Bonus: they’re easily hidden, in case tattoos aren’t allowed in your home or workplace.) The possibilities are not completely unlimited, but despite its small size, the ear […]