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A step-by-step guide to tattoo aftercare, according to experts

tattoo care Unsplash For those who love tattoos, there’s nothing like getting some fresh ink. That you like small delicate tattoos or work to complement a full sleeve with intricate designs, tattoos are artistic forms of self-expression. Even celebrities love them. You can choose to have something super meaningful engraved on your body or just […]

Temporary tattoos are more popular (and more realistic) than ever

Thirty percent of Americans have at least one tattoo. For the rest of the population, there has been the option of a temporary version for at least a century. But it is only recently that temporary tattoos have become a varied and nuanced art form, just like their permanent counterparts. Many companies are now collaborating […]

Tattoo Aftercare In 2020 – What Shouldn’t You Do After Getting A New Tattoo

Looks like the tattoos have been all over the past couple of years (literally everyone and their mom seem to have one). The spike in popularity also makes sense: sharper needles have made it even easier to achieve fine lines and super detailed designs, and tattoos these days are more customizable than ever. Basically, you […]

Miryam Lumpini Offers Expert Advice For Temporary At-Home Tattoos For Dark Skin Tone

While some people who need a noticeable change as they move into their 40s will turn to chunky chops, shiny hair color, or new Cardi B-style piercings, others are looking for something. less drastic. A temporary tattoo is a great way to scratch the itch for a change while nurturing its artistic side. It’s also […]