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YouTuber reveals $ 2,100 micro tattoo a year later

A year ago, YouTuber beauty Alana Arbucci posted a video titled “I RECEIVED A $ 2,100 MICRO TATTOO FROM A CELEBRITY ARTIST.” This immediately caught the attention of our office and we watched her go through the process of getting a small and delicate micro-colored rose on her breastbone. Arbucci was thrilled with the finished […]

Can you get HIV from a tattoo or piercing?

Body art, which includes tattooing and body piercing, has become increasingly popular among older teens and young adults. As the art form continues to move from the fringes to the mainstream, many have started to question whether it poses a risk of infection with blood-borne diseases such as HIV or hepatitis C. Since tattooing and […]

WOO, Dr. Woo’s New Skin Care and Lifestyle Brand, Reinvents Tattoo Aftercare

Tattooed skin has its own needs. Although they are not much different from that of non-tattooed skin – hydration, SPF – Dr. Woo’s new skin care and lifestyle brand, WOO, understands them better than most. Unveiled last August by studio PROJECTWOO, the new skin-focused drop is led by one and only Dr. Woo, a tattoo […]

Seniors living in foster homes get temporary tattoos

The pandemic-induced lockdown has prompted many of us to try things we’ve never done before – from virtual birthday celebrations to staying home for weeks. While many of us managed to return home to our families, there were several who were unable; the lockdown and subsequent restrictions made it much more difficult for them. For […]

Assisted living in Texas throws ‘wild’ party for residents with temporary tattoos and drinks

item (Courtesy: Wesley House Assisted Living) HILLSBORO, Texas – Elderly residents of an assisted living facility in Texas don’t let quarantine dampen their morale. The staff at Wesley House Assisted Living in Hillsboro, TX decided to throw a happy hour with booze and tattoos in an effort to put a smile on their residents’ faces. […]

Dr. Woo launches Woo Skincare, tattoo care products

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write things that we love and think you will like, too. If you purchase a product that we have recommended, we may receive an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. Dr WooThe mark is bigger than just tattoos. The artist – whose list of famous clients […]

Tattoo Ideas for Independence Day 2020: From Indian Flag to “Vande Mataram” Patriotic Tattoo Inspirations That Are Safe and Easy

This time of year is where patriotism will be in the air. It is August 15, 2020 and India will celebrate 74 years of freedom this year. There are many ways to celebrate the day and since we may not be able to get together due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will need to look […]