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Tattoos people got after confinement

What tattoo artists and their clients inked, when salons reopened and the first signs of the “old” life returned On the first day of Unlock 1.0, as the country emerged about three months from fear of the coronavirus, Karthik Bengre was delighted to return to work at his Bengaluru-based Sculp Tattoo Studio. “The previous two […]

Take a look at 90 day fiance tattoos

For decades, TLC has created some pretty unusual and totally bingeable TV shows. Growing up, my family consumed a lot of reality TV shows courtesy of TLC including “Jon and Kate Plus 8”, “Little People, Big World” and “19 Kids and Counting”. We were addicted to these weird and curious characters, situations and stories, tapping […]

Breakthrough: Temporary tattoos also serve as medical sensors

By Peter Schelden on 07/16/2020 2:00 PM Source: MedicineNet Health News Scientists devised a disposable tattoo made from pencil and paper that could monitor blood sugar levels, observe sleep patterns, and administer medication. Sounds made up, right? Well, they built it, and it works. Their invention could bring essential health services to poor and remote […]