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85 most beautiful tree of life tattoo ideas

The tree of life holds a lot of symbolism in almost all cultures. It shows how the earth relates to heaven and hell. There are many meanings and interpretations. The Tree of Life can be “a female symbol, bearer of nourishment, and a male symbol, visibly phallic – another union”. RELATED: Which Tree You Choose […]

Why this cancer survivor has his head tattoo removed

Chemotherapy is one of the most widely used drug treatments for cancer, and one of its most common side effects is hair loss. Hair loss can be very traumatic for cancer patients, regardless of gender, and many seek temporary and permanent hair solutions. However, as Marcus Miller, a 48-year-old Scottish man, can attest today, these […]

Inked Tagged: Your Next Monthly Obsession

Subscription boxes are in high demand and there is a monthly subscription for all enthusiasts from astrology to beauty to horror. Now, we can proudly say it, tattoo enthusiasts have something to look forward to every month and it is MARKED by Inked. What is Inked MARKED? MARKED by Inked is a hand-curated bimonthly subscription […]