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DuoSkin temporary tattoos can control devices remotely

Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab have created a series of smart temporary tattoos that can control devices by touch (+ film). The team, led by PhD student Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao and in collaboration with Microsoft Research, designed the DuoSkin transfers to look like the gold and silver flash tattoos that are popular at music festivals. […]

The surprisingly simple chemistry of DuoSkin, temporary tattoos that control your phone

This tattoo is temporary, but it definitely changed people’s impressions of wearable technology. Discover DuoSkin, an innovation from MIT’s Media Lab and Microsoft To research. Metallic tattoos, inspired by trendy body art, allow wearers to use their skin as an interface for smartphones and computers. The product is not yet available for purchase. At this […]

Young Entrepreneurs Sell Their Expression With Pure Tatts Temporary Tattoos

By Michael Donahue of The Commercial Appeal Jason Alabaster and Malte Christesen couldn’t afford to buy their own booth or print ads when they started selling their Pure Tatts temporary tattoos at festivals. “We couldn’t afford all of this,” said Alabaster, 24. “So we were literally in our backpacks. We would take our shirts off, […]

MIT’s temporary tattoos turn your skin into a touchpad “Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

We’re getting closer to the singularity – that point where technology is advancing down the steepest slope of the S-curve logistic function and just soaring at a rate we’ve never seen before. Somewhere along the way, the line between humans and the technology we rely on will become blurred, and MIT’s latest project could very […]

MIT’s DuoSkin turns temporary tattoos into interfaces on the skin – TechCrunch

Your next tattoo could be functional as well as aesthetic. A new product from MIT Media Lab called DuoSkin created in partnership with Microsoft Research turns temporary tattoos into connected interfaces, allowing them to act as input for smartphones or computers, to show output according to temperature changes body and transmit data to other devices […]

Researchers are creating temporary tattoos you can use to control your devices

In the future, your tattoos could be more than just ink drawings. Scientists have created a new type of high-tech temporary tattoo that can act as a controller for smartphone apps and other devices. Called DuoSkin, the tattoos were created as part of a joint effort between researchers at MIT and Microsoft Research. SEE ALSO: […]