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In 1990, director Martin Scorsese introduced audiences to one of the greatest gangster movies of all time: “Goodfellas”. “Goodfellas” tells the story of the rise and fall of gangster Henry Hill and is based on the actual 1985 detective book, “Wiseguy: Life in the Mafia Family” by Nicholas Pileggi. Pileggi adapted his book into a screenplay alongside Scorsese, and actors Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci were chosen to play gangsters Jimmy Conway, Henry Hill, and Tommy DeVito respectively.

De Niro had already established himself as another famous gangster in 1974’s “The Godfather Part II”, playing a young Vito Corleone, which won him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. De Niro and Pesci had worked with Scorsese on earlier films, with De Niro in “Taxi Driver” in 1976, “New York, New York” in 1977 and “Raging Bull” in 1980, with Pesci appearing in the latter. De Niro and Pesci would both appear together in a number of other Scorsese crime films, including “Casino” in 1995 and “The Irishman” in 2019.

In honor of ‘Goodfellas’ 30th anniversary, take a look at 20 of our favorite tattoos inspired by this legendary crime film in the gallery below. Then let us know your favorite Martin Scorsese movie in the comments section on social media.

Tattoo by Inal Bersekov

Tattoo by James Martin

Tattoo by James Martin



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