20 “Attack on Titan” Tattoos


Raise your hand if you’re devastated by the ending of the storytelling masterpiece ‘Attack on Titan’. After nearly a decade, Hajime Isayama’s grotesquely barbaric titans will no longer frolic, plague and maim the human race. All that will remain are the memories of crushing deaths and triumphant victories (but at what cost?). If you’ve been following the series from the very beginning, you’ve had visceral experiences of betrayal, horror, sentimentality, and heartbreak. With the second part of season four fast approaching, you can add denial to your list of feelings around the show. Even though things are coming to an end, that doesn’t mean we can’t immortalize some of the most iconic scenes, characters, and symbols on our skin to keep the show and its cultural impact alive.

The animation contains some of the most gruesome, dynamic and mind-blowing action shots, as well as distressed facial expressions drawn by artist Isayama himself. Not only that, but the way the series has evolved from a narrow story about monsters eating people to commentary on the more unfortunate complexities of human nature gives way to limitless metaphorical imagery that makes for powerful pieces of drama. ink, guaranteed to grab the attention of fans and strangers alike. From Eren’s piercing emerald eyes to the raging growl of his titan form, Levi’s solemn death gaze to his blood spattered face, or the smoking veins of the sculpted bodies of the armoured, colossal Titan, there is no shortage of illustrious designs that capture the intensity of the series’ most poignant moments. These are just a few that we think do the anime justice.


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