16 Classic Hip Hop Album Cover Tattoos


When a remarkable album is released into the universe, many different factors combine to contribute to its positive reception and lasting impact. These days, a lot of the hype around a project has to do with its rollout – artists tend to get creative by teasing a series of singles, concept art and videos to build anticipation. . What also contributes to the greatness of an album is its thematic cohesion. Simply speaking, is there an overall idea that runs through the record?

The world-building and storytelling that the artist uses in his music is key to creating a fully-fledged experience for the listener. But perhaps the most important part of an album aside from musical quality is the visual imagery that represents it. You guessed it, we’re talking about the album cover. Awesome, some might even say legendary, album covers will play the role of tying a seamless bow around its content. With enough thought, the cover will encapsulate the album’s themes, messages, sounds, and pass the test of timelessness. In short, album covers can make or break the longevity of a body of work.

There are hundreds of instantly recognizable iconic covers that make a powerful statement on their own. Here we wanted to specifically highlight classic and modern hip hop album cover tattoos. Whether it’s Ms. Lauryn Hill’s pensive gaze on “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” Murakami’s icy bear on Kanye’s “Graduation,” or MF DOOM’s unmistakable mask on “Madvillainy,” all of these faces and characters represent the artist. radical vision, as well as their legacy extending far beyond the square box on your screen or inside your CD. Is there an album cover you’d like to get inked?


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