16 Alien Space Tattoo Ideas That Will Give You Cosmos Inspiration


16 Alien Space Tattoo Ideas That Will Give You Cosmos Inspiration

Tattoo inspiration comes from everywhere these days… especially from the stars above. With tattoos becoming more and more creative, quirky, and artistic, it’s only natural that these space tattoo ideas are gaining popularity.

If you’re looking to get the confines of the universe tattooed on your body, this careful selection we’ve compiled for you will help you make your decision.

We wish a star you get an amazing space tattoo you will love to infinity and beyond.

  1. Swirls and snail

I absolutely love the combination here of outer space inspiration and a very alien style mollusc snail. The swirls and lines are so aesthetic that I add this design to my space tattoo ideas.

Image: @brittnaami on Instagram

2. Astronaut and planet balloons

Super creative. And whimsical. I’ve noticed that a lot of astronaut tattoos have a really magical and fantastical kind of vibe to them. Love the colors on this one too.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @tattoozelenska on Instagram

3. Whales and butterflies, oh my

It’s hard to go wrong with whales… or butterflies. It’s a bit like put a bird on it. However, when you add planets and nice circles to it, you take it to the next level. Well done.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @tattoowithme on Instagram

4. This one is from France

I have the impression that if it comes from France, it is raised in a certain way. European, after all. But that’s not why we added it to our space tattoo ideas post. It has made its way based on its visual merits. First, points. Astrological charts are simply fascinating. Then there is the beauty of fine lines. They really attract you.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @judz.ttt on Instagram

5. Campy, but nice

This one is contained, giving it a very different feel to a handful of stars and planets and a random animal. Oh wait… there’s octopus here, so I’m guessing it’s a random animal. But still, the circular dome with all the stars is very cool.

Is the octopus also pulled into space, or just there because it’s nice to look at?

space tattoo ideas
Image: philtonkstradtattooing on Instagram

6. Weak but provocative

It’s like this one is underrated because he knows his power. The orbs around the circle and then the piercing legs of all that is make for a nice visual juxtaposition, don’t you think? I also love the little addition of the little circles on the orb balls.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @error_geometricoandhorrivle.estudio on Instagram

7. Headliner

This one is unreal. Do they use phosphorescent ink or something to create that effect? The detail is incredible, and the way the astronaut holds the moon opens the mind to perceive scale in a whole new way.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @dynamictattooca on Instagram

8. Simple and cute

This one is Japanese and is called Space Pool for Dog. I bet the person with this tattoo loves space and also has a dog that looks like this. But I’m only guessing where they got their space tattoo ideas.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @bongkee_ on Instagram

9. Stylish Astronaut

Astronauts who end up getting tattoos must have a certain elegance. Otherwise, they won’t float on the arm quite the same.

10. Super sweet and simple

Very feminine. It looks a bit like a non-committal tattoo, but I like the way this one shows. It’s perfect for off-the-shoulder looks and adds a bit of artistry to an otherwise pale and barren shoulder.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @nieun_tat2 on Instagram

11. There is a moon

This space tattoo idea also incorporates lotus flowers and other designs. However, this moon in the center easily makes this a space tattoo. Nice combination of styles here.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @footefoote_tattoo on Instagram

12. Falling Astronaut

See what I mean about elegance? This astronaut falls where the other climbed.

This immediately reminds me the scene in Ad Astra where Brad Pitt falls from the sky and his heartbeat barely rises. Have you seen him? It’s OK. I did not like TLJ character at all. However, I guess he had been on a space station for a number of years, which allows him certain psychopathic tendencies.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @lauracaciulan on Instagram

13. Space Cat

A space cat riding a rocket. I wonder if there is any real inspiration for the cat, or if the person just chose a cartoon cat. Or…here’s a question: I wonder if anyone has lost their precious cat and gotten a tattoo because it reminds them that their four-legged friend is in the skies riding a mini rocket. Maybe?

space tattoo ideas
Image: @szalaimimi on Instagram

14. Human After All

The moon is the only part of this space tattoo that is yellow. It’s pretty cool. I wonder if there is any significance to the fact that the rings of the planet protrude beyond the astronaut’s helmet. In doing so, he puts the planet first rather than the human.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @emafociani on Instagram

15. Astronaut Angel

Looks like this space tattoo idea is in pointillism. It makes it even cooler. I enjoy moving away from hard, solid lines in tattoos. Very beautiful.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @paopao_tattoos on Instagram

16. Glow in the dark?

How the hell did they create this look? Oh wait…that’s not from Earth. This explains that.

space tattoo ideas
Image: @spideymoetattoo on Instagram

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