15 love tattoo ideas for couples who want to tattoo together


Ready to celebrate your love in a little more permanent way? No, not a wedding! A couple tattoo, of course. Nothing says “I love you” forever than an eternal mark on your body that will only disappear with a painful laser process. You could go the old-fashioned way and tattoo your lover’s name on you, and while it worked for Stephen and Ayesha Curry, we’ve all seen how it ended for Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.

Or you could get matching tattoos that simply suggest the idea of ​​a captured heart while leaving a lot to the imagination. Think of it as your own little secret sign. Nothing more romantic? Sure, maybe a surprise birthday trip to Paris, but the tattoo coordination is pretty close.

I contacted tattoo expert Beau Lawson from freehand ink and sorted out the cutest and least grumpy love tattoo ideas for couples so you don’t have to do any work. Scroll and see which one tickles your fancy.

1. This couple tattoo is all about connecting the dots

Keep it simple with this black polka dot pattern. The real magic happens when you line up your finger with your partner’s finger. Poof! You now have a matching design that connects, symbolizing the union that is your love. Aww.

2. Keep their hearts locked up

If you want everyone to know you’re 100% taken, there’s no better way than a lock and key. After all, only your lovers can hold the key to your heart. Unless you call a locksmith, of course.

A birthday date tattoo is perfect if you have a bad memory like me. It’s a great reminder to plan something special before you end up in the niche.

4. Tattoos for when you feel like royalty

I’ve watched enough episodes of Bridgerton know that I would like to be queen. But since I know that will never happen, I would be happy to settle for a royal tattoo. These matching king and queen tattoos do double duty. They represent not only romantic love, but also self-love!

For the couple who love movies

Halloween to Christmas, anyone? If you two lovebirds are Tim Burton fans, a whimsical Jack and Sally tattoo makes a cute addition to your arm. Or leg. Or back. If gothic animation isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other movie pairings you could ink. Carole Aird and Therese Belivet. Jessica and Roger Rabbit. The Lady and the Tramp. And the list continues.

This tiny little love tattoo takes you back to basics. After all, love is the reason you get a tattoo in the first place. the minimal tattoo trend which started in the 2022s continues to go from strength to strength in 2022. And the best part is that no one will have any idea what that means until you put your fingers together.

7. Signs and symbols for when you want to be mysterious

Maybe you’re of Nordic ancestry or maybe you just think Travis Fimmel is hot. Either way, simple viking runes can be an understated way to pair tattoos with bae.

8. Heavenly Bodies to Show Your Heavenly Love

I don’t know about you, but I love how the sun and moon work together. That’s why this tattoo is super cute for couples. It’s kind of like how I cook and baby washes the dishes. Or something like that.

9. A tattoo for love at first sight

In French, the expression thunderbolt refers to both lightning and thunderbolt. If you are one of the lucky ones to have seen Cupid’s bow strike you at first sight, matching lightning bolts can be a perfect representation of your love.

10. Smiley faces for opposites that attract

Do you meet yin with your yang? The grumpy to your happiness? The punk rocker of your darling next door? (Kravis, I’m looking at you). Then check out these adorable matching smiley faces, one with heart-shaped eyes and one with X-eyes.

11. A Simple Phrase Tattoo

You are my person. Short and precise.

12. For when you literally take “‘Til Death Do Us Part”

I’m not into “until death do us part” because I plan to haunt my love like a ghost after I hit him. At least until I’m reincarnated, of course. If you’re with me, skeleton tattoos can be a great way to represent your love for a long time in the afterlife.

13. Matching Interlocking Tattoos for Artistic Types

Butterflies remind me of two things: spiritual rebirth and the time I got one stuck in my hair. If butterflies remind you of the first, this carefully placed tattoo where you would hold hands is a good choice. Unlike matching finger tattoos, a hand tattoo makes it easy for your ink to be seen the way it’s meant to be.

14. For the outdoor couple

This simple sea and mountain tattoo is perfect for nature-loving couples who don’t know where to go on vacation. Beach or mountain? The riddle may never be solved, but at least you’ll get some nice tattoos.

15. The easiest tattoo: each other’s names

“Just having ‘Kate’ or ‘Mike’ might seem a little generic, so spice it up with a custom lettering design or add flair with a meaningful symbol would be my recommendation,” says Beau Lawson of freehand ink. If you’re determined to ink each other’s names, you might like the understated, barely legible cursive of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

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Beau Lawson, tattoo artist at freehand ink


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