14 temporary tattoos that look real and will be your best accessory


I have been wearing temporary tattoos that look real from grade school. (OK, at the time they weren’t like convincing – the glittering faces of the boy group members and the cartoonish phrases like “Flower Power” on my 8 year old bicep weren’t fooling anyone). Now there is an extremely impressive selection of realistic fake tattoos that will make your friends double take.

My minor fascination with adult enhanced temporary tattoos really subsided in college. I’ve always been fascinated with clothes, especially how outfits can be extensions of your personality. When my sister introduced me to Tattly (a temporary tattoo brand that features designs by different artists), I was hooked – and enthusiastically added another platform to my style arsenal. It has become common to see myself with a trail of flowers blooming on my collarbone, or a looping script with my mood for the week (like “Stop and smell the roses”) stamped on my wrist.

For me, there is something so cool about applying a beautifully intricate design to your skin, one that feels so intrinsically you in the moment – but still having the option of erasing it, days later, and starting over. So go ahead, let the best temporary tattoos let you wear your heart on your sleeve.

Embrace Your Inner Sailor

Nautical Tattly Temporary Tattoos (Set of 8), $ 15, Amazon

My Gateway temporary tattoo set is from Tattly, and now you can dive into it too. This blue tinted nautical set includes eight tattoos designed by artist Fiona Richards (two anchors, two ships, two flowers, and two birds), and they’re all made with FDA-compliant vegetable ink. From my personal experience I can say that these tattoos lasted me just over a week and they look really awesome in person.

Upgrade your garden party style

Tattify “The Secret Garden” (Set of 16), $ 10, Amazon

This Los Angeles-based temporary tattoo brand takes pride in bringing together the most original tattoo sets – this one comes with 16 tattoos, and they’ll last for around five days. Reviewers say the colors are incredibly rich and the application is really easy. One fan, who received a few for herself and her friends, said: “They were easy to apply, looked very awesome in reality and stayed fine even though we were doing a yoga class in sweat.”

Look back (that, being pink peonies)

Tafly Extra Large Peony Flower, $ 12, Amazon

This cute rose temporary tattoo is a gorgeous way to show off some skin at your next outdoor event. The ink should last about five days, and when you’re ready to remove it, all it takes is a little baby oil and a few cotton balls to do the heavy lifting.

Aliens, pizza, and conversation hearts get a little weird

INKED by dani “The Color Collection” Temporary Tattoos (Set of 10), $ 10, Amazon

Embrace your sassy side with some temporary tattoos that show off your love for the weird. Not only does this set of 10 contain conversational heart tattoos, but the alien head duo is definitely the missing piece for your next night out look.

“Always and forever” in bloom

Tattly Lovely Temporary Tattoos (Set of 8), $ 15, Amazon

You will wish this tattoo would last “forever and ever”. Alas not, but you will have about a week of wear and tear, again speaking from personal experience. This set, designed by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., includes four designs (two of each), great fun to layer and mix, depending on your mood. Create your own bespoke pouch, or keep one, and personalize it.

Upcoming roses

Tattify Twin Rose Temporary Tattoo (Set of 2), $ 5, Amazon

This two-piece set by Tattify features a black rose outline with slight shading for definition, and it will look great stepping out of your sleeve or shorts once the weather warms up. Fans of the tattoo say it looks real in person and it fades after a few days.

Read the signs

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Tattoo (Set of 2), $ 5, Amazon

Whether you’re an Aquarius yourself or just enjoy the coastal vibes, this minimalist wave duo is the perfect way to change up your look without making it permanent. (Plus, if you’re not an Aquarius, you can always pick your own sign from their offerings.) They’ll last up to five days and are easy to remove with a little bit of oil.

The adult version of “Flower Power”

Extra Large Peony Blossoms, $ 7, Amazon

These red flowers will last for up to a week of wear, and reviews say tattooing is a great way to experiment before deciding on the real thing. One of them said: “It was good because they lasted for days until I really rubbed them. It let me see if I really liked having something there. . ” Some people do report a slightly shimmery finish, however, so they might not surprise your more suspicious friends.

After all this time…

Tattify Deathly Hallows (Set of 2), $ 5, Amazon

… And every Harry Potter fan said, “Always. “For those who still hear Professor Snape’s words ringing in their ears, this one is for you. The tattoo comes in a set of two, and the waterproof design will stay in place for approximately five days.

Embrace your dark side

Dark Mark Temporary Tattoo, $ 3, Amazon

Then again, for Harry Potter fans whose interests are a bit more sinister, you can sport the Dark Mark. Touching him will not make Lord Voldemort appear (because Harry took care of that). year there is, obviously) fans say it was the perfect accessory for their Bellatrix Lestrange costumes.

Come back in bloom

Colorful YiMei Flowers, $ 7, Amazon

Wear an open back top and looking for a cool way to rock it up? This extra large peony flower blooms all over your back and promises to last up to seven days. Reviewers give the tattoo top marks for its vibrant color and realistic appearance, and one said it was the perfect choice for those who want to wear a large tattoo without the commitment.

Splash In With Koi And Lotus Flowers

Zokey’s Original Design Temporary Tattoo, $ 11, Amazon

Do you like the handle look, but not so much the engagement? This ornate design features koi and lotus flowers, so you can get a taste of tattooed life but get back to your usual look days later. One fan said he really couldn’t believe how realistic the design was.

Transform your look with feathers and birds

Ggsell Goose and Feather, $ 7, Amazon

If you want a streamlined silhouette that’s more simple than complex, this one will look great wherever you place it. The design lasts five to seven days, and fans say it was easy to apply and looked like a real tattoo when applied to the skin.

Butterflies and flowers cover all the bases

Coko Happy Temporary Tattoo (Set of 8), $ 8, Amazon

This eight tattoo strip set gives you roses, feathers, butterflies, and just about any other sign of spring that you want to show off on your body. They look super realistic (check out that shadow effect on the butterflies!), And you can customize them further by cutting out any specific shapes you want and stitching them together for a custom sleeve.

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