13 nerdy but classic temporary tattoos for true fans – PHOTOS


Personally, I’m waiting for the day when “permanent temporary” tattoos are a thing, meaning your ink will last a few years, but eventually wear off afterwards. This wish is especially important when I think about getting nerdy tattoos that I’m passionate about. now, but not quite sure what i will love for the rest of my life.

I go through phases where I want my entire arms and legs to be covered in ink, but then I wonder if I could actually love a picture enough to have it on my body forever. Fortunately, a lot of people are on the same boat as me, and temporary tattoos are a thing of their own. From geometric gold flash tattoos that Coachella lovers go crazy for, to fun little Fruit Stripe temporary tattoos, you can find almost anything in this fleeting form. Or you can have it done. So is the magic of the Internet.

My four siblings and I are hardcore The Lord of the Rings fans, and we’ve been looking at getting some fantastic matching tattoos for a few years now, but we haven’t been able to take the plunge. Maybe we’re worried that we don’t like the designs forever. Maybe we are afraid of pain. Either way, temporary tattoos will often suffice.

Whether you are a Harry potter, Star wars, The Lord of the Rings, Where Pokemon fan, there is a temporary tattoo for you. These 13 models were practically made for you.

1. R2D2

Temporary Tattoo – Star Wars Tattoo, $ 5, etsy.com

Seriously, how cute is that?

2. The tree of Gondor

Temporary Tattoo Tree of Gondor, $ 6, etsy.com

I am literally in love with this one.

3. You are a wizard

Tattify Harry Potter Temporary Tattoos, $ 9.99, amazon.com

Is it all cool?

4. I have to catch them all

Pokemon Tattoos, $ 0.99, partycity.com

So cute.

5. Power Rangers

Power Rangers Dino Charge Tattoo, $ 1.49, anniversaryinabox.com

If you love super colorful tattoos, this sheet is for you.

6. Superman

Superman Logo Temporary Tattoo, $ 3.69, etsy.com

Love the placement of this one too.

7. The nerd guy

Nerd-type temporary tattoo, $ 5, tattly.com

Calligraphy is at the rendezvous.

8. Anatomy

Purple heart, $ 2, nerdyink.com

If you are a fan of the human body, this is the one for you.

9. More Star wars

Star Wars Light Speed ​​Temporary Tattoos, $ 9.99, etsy.com

Old school style.

10. Book lover

Baby Got Books Temporary Tattoo, $ 2.50, taintedtats.com

You can’t deny that it’s adorable.

11. Economy

Supply and demand temporary tattoo, $ 2, nerdyink.com


12. USS Enterprise

The USS Enterprise temporary tattoo, $ 4, etsy.com

So simple, yet so cute.

13. Super Mario

Super Mario Temporary Tattoo, $ 2.95, etsy.com

It’s me Mario!

I’m having a blast right now, and kinda want to order all of this. Of course, I may not be able to take the big dive in again, but these tattoos will definitely satisfy me. Temporarily of cours.


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