12 Most Fascinating Rapper Tattoos And The True Stories Behind Them


Ink has always played a huge role in the hip-hop industry, and the best rapper tattoos throughout pop culture history can help define an artist’s image. a way that sets it apart from its rivals. Sure, some rappers might regret their wackiest choices — not everyone is right, after all — but even the weirdest tattoos give us new insights into the stars we love.

From Bible verses and seemingly random names to creepy clowns and cold candies, each of these rapper tattoos tells a unique story about the artist in question, just like the songs they write. Whether you actually like the story they tell is another matter altogether.

Join us as we explore the stories behind some of rap’s most fascinating tattoos and find out why your favorite artists repeatedly stabbed themselves with tiny, ink-filled needles in the first place.

21 Wild

Given how much of 21 Savage’s music focuses on violent aspects of his past, it’s no surprise that the dagger tattoo that sits between his eyes was also born out of tragedy. Originally, he and his younger brother wanted to ink Tony Montana’s blade tattoo from scarface on their hands, but Quantivayus jumped forward and had it done on his face instead. After his brother was later killed, 21 Savage decided to get the exact same tattoo in his honor.

Beyoncé & JAY-Z

The number four has long held significance for the Carters. Not only have they both released albums where four featured prominently in the title, and not only are their birthdays the fourth, but the hip-hop royal couple also got married on the fourth. To celebrate, JAY-Z and Beyoncé got the Roman numerals “IV” tattooed on their left ring fingers. Sweet enough, but following Jay’s infidelity rumor, the Beyhive noticed some changes in Beyoncé’s tattoo, which suggested things might be changing for the married couple. Although it later turned out that Beyoncé only made a few edits because the original tattoo was fading, such doubts were entirely reasonable.


An entire article could be devoted to the countless tattoos that adorn Drake’s body, including the bottle of Drakkar Noir deodorant and this image of Rihanna eating ice cream, but most intriguing is the large portrait on his back. Sandwiched between Aaliyah’s tattoos and an OVO owl is a giant tribute to her grandmother, Evelyn Sher, and her uncle Steve. Drake was definitely in his feelings when he requested this particular design, and while his intentions are good, the expressions on their faces are undeniably odd, even bordering on creepy. Maybe Drizzy should start from the bottom and just delete it altogether.


Eminem literally puts his heart on his sleeve thanks to the ink he tattoos on his skin. People he respects like Proof of D12 and his uncle, Ronnie Pilkington, are both fondly remembered through tattoos on his arms. However, in the case of Em’s ex-wife, those he hates also make an appearance. After a particularly brutal fight, Eminem came out and got a belly tattoo that depicts Kim’s grave and the words “Rot to Pieces” below. Not only did his ex-wife inspire this infamous body art, but she also inspired the vast majority of his early compositions.


Long before Eve made us lose our minds as first lady of the Ruff Ryders, a friend challenged her to tattoo these now-iconic paw prints on her chest. Eve, 18, was initially skeptical but eventually agreed, with the iconic tattoo now being recognized as an integral part of her image. With a new album on the way later this year, let’s hope Eve can climb back to the top.

The game

The game doesn’t play when it comes to her face tattoo. What started as a butterfly on his right cheek has since morphed into an LA Dodger cover, which later turned into a red star. The butterfly was meant to symbolize a fresh start after The Game split from G-Unit, but subsequent changes have been much more impulsive, fascinating the industry even more than its music in recent years.

Gucci Mane

Everyone loves ice cream, but do you love it as much as Gucci Mane? To remind people that he’s “cool as ice” (no, really), the Atlanta-based rapper inked an entire cone all over his face with lightning bolts coming out of the side – because why not? Although it got people talking, one can still wonder how cool this eye-catching tattoo really is.

lil wayne

When he’s not recording a seemingly endless series of albums and mixtapes, Lil Wayne adds a seemingly endless series of tattoos to his body. Most are clearly visible, but there is one particular design that is harder to spot than most and that is the phrase “fear God”, which is imprinted on his eyelids. Readable only when Weezy is sleeping or blinking very slowly, these ominous words must surely be accompanied by biblical pain.

Rick Ross

Rich Forever was one of Rick Ross’ most popular mixtapes when he dropped it in 2012 and it looks like he won’t soon forget it either, as his name is now etched on his chin for still. While the words make a fun addition to the many tattoos already plastered on his face, it’s still better than other album tracks like Port of Miami or Renzel Remixes.

Snoop Dogg

On the day of Nate Dogg’s funeral in 2011, the Doggfather himself debuted a new tattoo that paid tribute to his late friend. Beneath Nate’s face is the phrase “All the Doggs go to Heaven”, which functions as both a cute reference to the animated movie and a powerful reminder of the bond Snoop shared with his cousin Nate when they started. making music together in California.


Even in this new era where face tattoos are becoming the norm in hip-hop, Stitches has still managed to outdo most of his peers with a large number of designs imprinted on his face. Luckily, the Miami rapper remembers to put family first — literally — as random words like “Sex” and “Cocaine” are now joined by a tattoo of his son’s face on his face. While it’s hard to decide whether that’s sweet or just plain weird, what’s clear is that Stitches’ homage to fatherhood will only get more and more awkward for his son over time.


Arguably the most famous ink in hip-hop history, Tupac’s “Thug Life” tattoo created a moral panic in the early ’90s when the media exposed the rap prodigy for inciting violence. In truth though, the phrase is actually an acronym that stands for “The hate you give to little babies fucks everyone.” Since then, people like Rihanna and Angie Thomas, author of “The Hate U Give,” have been influenced by those words, fighting to end the cycle of oppression that African American children still endure today.


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