11 small tattoo ideas perfect for summer


  • If you are looking for a constant reminder of the summer season, these tiny warm weather inspired tattoos are perfect for you.
  • From beach-inspired tattoos to summer-themed snacks, here are the cutest tattoo ideas for the season.

There are things we love about every season, but somehow summer always steals our hearts. When you want a constant reminder of hot weather happiness and all its chill out moments on the Beach, munching on your favorite ice cream, and sitting by the pool, getting a summer-inspired tattoo can do just that. Coming up, check out 11 coveted tiny summer tattoos for the hot weather obsessed.

1. Beach scene: If you’re not ready to embark on anything fancy, this simple tattoo with tiny lines will do the trick.

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2. Ice cream cone: Try your luck with some funky ink of your favorite summer treat.

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3. Watermelons: So small, so sweet and totally summery.

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4. Swimmer: Whether swimming is your sport of choice or you just love to bask in the sun, this ink is modern and minimalist at the same time.

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5. Shellfish: An instant reminder of summer beach life, we totally dig seashell tattoos.

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6. Soft drink: This cute soda drink tattoo screams summer nights at your local restaurant.

7. Sandals: Spend forever in your favorite pair of sandals – or have them inked on your ankle so you never forget.

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8. Waves: If your motto is simply “surf with the waves”, this simple ocean ink can represent it perfectly.

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9. Ocean life: For some serious mermaid feel, your favorite seashells seem to pop when tattooed on your skin.

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10. Seaside atmosphere: Summer nights at the beach, there you are.

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11. Beach details: Every time you look at this design you will be reminded of the good old days during the warmer months.

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