100 Interesting Ignorant Style Tattoos


Ignorant style tattoos are a hot topic in the industry. Some people hate them and some people can’t get enough of them. Personally, I think they are rad. While doing my research on ignorant style tattoos, I came across a video by a content creator called Struthless. He dove deep into the style, breaking down its origins, how it gained popularity among millions of collectors, and what the tattoo means today. What really stood out to me was a point he made about rebellion and the psychological theory of absurdism. Struthless argues that as tattooing has become more common, it has lost some of its courage and cachet. Therefore, in rebellion against what the tattoo industry considers “good art”, the ignorant style has come to prominence. Because simply getting a tattoo is no longer an act of cultural defiance, ignorant style lovers have found a new way to laugh off permanence.

Whether or not you like ignorant style tattoos, you can agree that these tattoos are brimming with personality. Often in the struggle for perfection a tattoo artist can lose their own individuality in the piece. However, these doodle style designs are totally unique and never fail to put a smile on our face.

Take a look at 100 of our favorite ignorant style tattoos in the gallery below. Let us know your thoughts on ignorant style tattoos in the comments section on social media.


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