10 watercolor tattoo ideas from butterflies to flowers


ICYMI, Selena Gomez broke the internet when her go-to tattoo studio Bang Bang NYC finally revealed her new tattoo – a watercolor rose – on December 28. The dream design is the latest iteration of a major body art trend that has taken over your timelines and Pinterest boards: watercolor tattoos.

Pretty ink has grown in popularity in recent years for good reason. A watercolor tattoo can look like a museum-worthy painting, turning your body into a veritable canvas. “Watercolor is a popular technique because it’s just not the typical tattoo we’ve seen in decades,” NYC inked tattoo artist Koral Ladna says Bustle. “It’s quite new compared to other styles. Definitely the result of the evolution of tattoo technology. Tattoo artists love Baris Yesilbas and Amanda Wachob took the technique to the next level, creating jaw-dropping designs that helped ignite the tattoo trend.

But before you run to your tattoo artist and start planning your new watercolor ink, keep this in mind: you’ll need space to create that ethereal watercolor look. “Watercolor is about the rich textures of paint and transparent gradients,” says Ladna. “To create this illusion, we need space.” If you want a smaller, more delicate tattoo, talk to your tattoo artist about which design and colors would look best and last the longest.

Speaking of which, Ladna also shares that you should consider a design with a black outline. “This outline is the constant that will last 30-40 years from now, letting the color space change and evolve with your body.”

Now for the fun stuff. Read on for 10 dreamy watercolor tattoo ideas that will show off the beauty of the technique.


sail away

This dreamy sailboat tattoo is anything but your average nautical ink. The stunning realistic look of the water juxtaposed against the cartoon starry night is everything.


delicate bracelets

If you love the idea of ​​permanent jewelry, this watercolor bracelet tattoo is for you. Detail the style with flowers, jewelry or whatever your heart desires.


Matching puzzle pieces

Looking for a matching tattoo with your best friend, family member or partner? These detailed puzzle pieces are a super cute way to express your bond with a loved one.


Abstract lines

Turn your body into a veritable canvas with an abstract design like this. The brush stroke effect makes your body art almost fluid and moving.



Floral patterns and watercolor pigments are a heavenly marriage. The soft shades will make your flower effortlessly beautiful.


out of this world

The pigments used to create watercolor tattoos are super vibrant and make otherworldly tattoos look even more amazing. Consider adding abstract lines and unexpected shades to create a unique work of art.



Nelly Furtado neck circa 2000 with this nice design. Adding a wash of color will bring your birds to life.



Do you like butterflies? This watercolor design will look like it floats on your skin. Shades and color gradients will catch everyone’s eye.


beautiful inspiration

Your instinct may be to get a brightly colored watercolor tattoo, but a design like this is just as gorgeous and lets the design do the talking.



Pay homage to your hometown or favorite city with your watercolor tattoo design. The splash of color will capture what you love about this place.


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