10 amazing 3D artists – tattoo ideas, artists and models


While we are obviously all for artists creating masterpieces on skin, paper or canvas, sometimes it is nice to step out of our comfort zone and appreciate creators who push the boundaries. We’ve handpicked some of the best, brightest, and toughest 3D artists, whose mediums range from coffee beans and pencil tips to spilled milk. Take a look at their impressive portfolios in the gallery below, then share your thoughts on this story with us on social media.

Vincenzo Scuruchi: The Edible Einstein

From avocados to watermelons to eggs, Scuruchi can turn almost any food into a breathtaking work of art. Despite their delicate and unpredictable canvases, he executes each piece with precision and poise, proving that even temporary art can be priceless.

Steve Casino: The Picasso Peanut

Who would have thought that a peanut could be so versatile? Casino carves and paints figures on the surface of peanuts, creating works of art to make even Charles Schulz green with envy.

Salavat Fidai: the god of graphite

Pencils are not only good for drawing, for Fidai they are the material he uses to create sculptures that melt the mind. Despite their intimidating size, Fidai manages to depict movie characters, architectural wonders, and common objects on the tip of a pencil.

Luke Vincentini: the cake maker

While we’ve certainly seen some awesome cakes these days, nothing compares to what Vincentini cooks. Only by cutting into its steak, can of soup or white claw will you know their real content, both beautiful and delicious!

Valeriano Fatica: the coffee connoisseur

Seriously, how is that possible? The coffee beans are tiny, but for Fatica, they’re the perfect size to sculpt Marvel characters. Who knew?

Doooo: the flesh monster

Okay, we have to admit that these creations are both awesome and a little scary at the same time. These sculptures perfectly mimic human flesh and would even make Ed Gein squirm in his “leather” boots.

Johnson Tsang: The Honcho Chief

Tsang is inspired by traditional sculptures but gives a 21st century touch to his works, creating surreal masterpieces that transport viewers to dreamlike states. One cannot imagine all the hours that were spent in each room and one can see many tattoo artists taking inspiration from his awesome imagination.

Gabriel Dishaw: the director of design

If a Louis Vuitton bag and the Avengers costume designer had a passionate affair, Gabriel Dishaw would be their darling child. His work blends two seemingly contrasting worlds, bringing hype beast energy to the world of sci-fi.

Felix Semper: The Paper Prince

While Semper’s works may at first glance resemble porcelain, clay or stone, his pieces come to life thanks to the light elegance of their paper structure. Using thousands of neatly cut pieces of paper, Semper makes parts that would make Dwight Schrute’s head explode.

Aravis Dolmenna: The Master of Milk

Last but not least, Dolmenna took the phrase “don’t cry over spilled milk” and milked it for all it’s worth. Using milk and other liquids, he creates stunning designs that literally jump off the page.


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